President’s Message

//President’s Message
President’s Message 2020-01-22T17:35:25+09:00

Hello everyone, Welcome 경적 소리 다운로드.

Young Chang Kim, M.D Augmented reality download.

Honorary Professor,
College of Medicine,
Soonchunhyang University

Korean Institute of Medical Education and Evaluation (KIMEE) was established as a nongovernmental autonomous organization in 1998, and the accreditation on medical education first started in 1999 in Korea 이베스트투자증권 다운로드.

Over the past two decades, with the strong support of medical society, accreditation has been contributed greatly to achieving quality improvement of medical education through the standardization and advancement of medical education in Korea tmap 다운로드. Through strengthening the competence of evaluation agency, KIMEE was recognized by the Ministry of Education domestically in 2014, and the KIMEE secured the international equivalence of accreditation by the recognition of WFME in 2016 E-Government Framework 3.8 Download. In the future we will endeavor to link the three stages (BME, GME, CPD) of physician training through the accreditation.
On behalf of KIMEE, thank you to all the dedicated executives and faculty who have dedicated to the advancement 짱구게임 다운로드.

In the era of 4th industrial revolution, many changes are taking place in the field of medical education and there is socially demanding public health and awareness of protecting student human right Legendary Twilight Princess of Zelda. Organizations that do not systematize ideas degenerate. We will make efforts to improve our organization through the endless self-reflection, and identify domestic and international medical education trends for our core values (autonomy, excellence, professionalism, accountability, transparency) and global networking 너를 그린다 다운로드.

Thank you.

President Young Chang Kim, M.D.