KIMEE, Enhancing the Excellence of Medical Education in Korea

KIMEE is the accreditation authority

designated by the Ministry of Education

KIMEE was designated by the Ministry of Education
the authority for the accreditation of medical education
in May 2014 for the first time in Korea
and redesignated in May 2019.

Under Article 11 (2) of the Higher Education Act, medical schools
in Korea are subject to be evaluated and accredited by the KIMEE.
Only those graduated from a school that has been accredited can take
a doctoral license examination in accordance with Article 5 of the
Medical Service Act.


recognized accreditation body

In September of 2016, KIMEE is the fourth in the world
and the first in Asia to became a WFME recognized
accreditation body because standards, policies and
procedures are appropriate for assuring the quality
of medical education in schools that it accredits.