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KIMEE is closely working with medical organizations such as Korean Medical Association(KMA), Korean Hospital Association(KHA), Korean Academy of Medical Sciences(KAMS), Korean Association of Medical Colleges(KAMC), National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board(NHPLEB), Korea Medical Education Council(KMEC) and Korean Society of Medical Education(KSME) 하나은행 공인인증서 다운로드. Each head of these organizations and the individual recommended by each head are participating in KIMEE as an ex-officio director while individuals recommended by each related organization are taking part in Executive Committee and Decision making committee of KIMEE to reflect the reviews of medical education associates 투 포인트 호스피탈 다운로드.

KIMEE, a non-governmental organization, was certified as an accreditation agency for medical schools in May 2014 by Ministry of Education(MOE) 바트 pe 다운로드.

KIMEE is the 4th accrediting agency to be recognised by the World Federation for Medical Education(WFME) in the world and is the first in Asia.