Major Study

No. Year Title
1 2021 A Study on Education of Korean Medical School
2 2020 A study of Korean Doctor’s Role, 2020
3 2019 Development of a New Residency Training Program in Korea
4 2019 Development of a New Intern Training Program in Korea
5 2019/2016
A Meta Evaluation for Medical Education Accreditation
6 2018 Development of accreditation standards and regulations for new medical school
7 2017 Development of Outcome Measurement Toolkits in Basic Medical Education Program Evaluation and Accreditation
8 2017 An analysis on Accreditation Standards Affecting The Post-2nd Cycle Accreditation
9 2015 Report on the current state of the competency-based education in residency training
10 2015 A Study on The Improvement of Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Clinical Medicine
11 2014/2011 The Global Role of the Doctor in Health Care Country Report
12 2014 Residents’ experiences, perceptions, and competencies of Resident-as-Learner and Teacher (RALT) in postgraduate medical education
13 2012 Improvement Measures of Medical Education Accreditation System
14 2012 A Study for Providing a Accreditation Standards for Continuing Professional Development Program
15 2008 International Comparative Study of Accreditation System for Graduate Medical Education
16 2008 Development of Generic Curriculum for Graduate Medical Education
17 2008 Executive Strategies for CPD Program Development and Enhancement